Instagram Content Publishing API

Direct image and video Instagram Content Publishing API using official Facebook Instagram API. Made by developers for developers. Get started in minutes!

How does it work?
  • 1
    Implement authorization flow

    The purpose of this flow is to allow your users to connect their Instagram Business Profiles. Our authorization flow is very similar to oauth.

    • - Redirect the user to a special authorization link.
    • - User is taken to Facebook where they will authorize access.
    • - Facebook returns the user back to your app with a code
    • - You will use this code to pull Instagram Business Profiles that users has access to.
    • - User selects profiles and you activate them for publishing!
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    Publish your media

    Schedule to as many Instagram Business profiles as you like. Currently, our API supports single image and video posts. You can also post a follow-up comment - a nifty trick for not cluttering your image caption with hashtags. Additional options such as people and location tagging are also available.

    Example request (something you can implement in your favorite programming language)

    curl --request POST 
      --data '{"caption":"Wonderful",
                "media_type" : "image",
                "media_url" : "", 
                "profiles" : ["5c21013a8c93b0050877659d"], 
                "comment" : "extra comment"}'
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you use official Facebook Instagram API?
Is Concrete Social approved by Facebook?
Yes. We are an approved Facebook app. Learn more.
How many Instagram profiles can I connect?
As many as you like!
Can I publish to Instagram personal and business profiles?
You can publish Instagram Business Profiles only.
What can I publish?
Currently you can publish single images and videos. More options are coming soon!
Do you support any other networks?
Yes, you can also publish to Pinterest using our API. More networks will be supported in the near future.
How much does it cost?
Check out our pricing. All accounts get a $5 credit which allows you to start using API for free.
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