Instagram Content Publishing API

About Concrete Social

Who we are?

We are a small but very capable team of developers that have been building apps for social media for the last decade. We've built everything from data processing systems to games using APIs provided by social media networks. We worked some of the world's most innovative companies and bring a wealth of experience and culture to this team.

Why did we build this?

In using APIs provided by different networks we have realized that the complexity of using these APIs directly often presents an insurmountable challenge to developers. Our goal here is to give you the simplest possible take of these APIs. In recent months getting approved for some of these APIs have also become next to impossible. This is mostly because features such as scheduling are also bundled with custom data and that has become very challenging for networks to maintain security. Our APIs is "data-less". You don't get any user specific details that can be provided - no likes, no comments, no insights. Just publishing of content!

Is Concrete Social an approved application on Facebook?

Yes, Concrete Social is an approved application on Facebook. We have been granted to wide range permissions including publishing permissions to Facebook Pages and Instagram Business Accounts. Here is a screenshot of our app:

Concrete Social Instagram Publishing API

Is Concrete Social an approved application on Pinterest?

Yes, Concrete Social is an approved application on Pinterest as well.

Concrete Social Pinterest Publishing API

Will we build more?

Our goal is to create a universal social media content publishing API. We have started with Instagram content publishing only because it is the hottest and most in-demand area of social media. We have since also made Pinterest publishing available with our API. The support for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Business underway and should be live by end of March 2019!

App review and approval process

To create a safe experience for all of our integrators we do review all apps before they go live. You will have ability to make 1000 posts in development mode before we will ask you to go through an approval process. Learn more about app approval process.

Where are located?

Most of our team is based in Dallas, TX. Dallas is a great vibrant city that is home to some of the best technology companies in the world.