Instagram Content Publishing API

App review process

Before you can switch your app to Live mode, we may need to make sure that you will be using our products and data in an approved manner. To achieve this goal, we require many apps to undergo App Review.

In general, the process involves specifying providing us with details on how you have used our product. Based on your submission, we may follow up and ask you to complete additional steps.

When To Submit

You can begin the review process at any time, and you can provide additional details fo your submission as it is being reviewed, but we recommend that you begin a submission only after you have thoroughly tested your app in development mode and you are ready for release. If your app has already gone through App Review and has been approved for specific products, changing product settings or adding new products, permissions, or features, may require you to complete the review process again.

Note that if your app is in Live mode and you want to add new permissions, features, or products, you may be required to submit additional information.

How To Submit

To begin general App Review, sign into your account, click Console and click Apply for production access link.

How Long Does It Take?

It typically take us less than one week to process your submission, and often takes only 2–3 days, but may take longer during peak periods. You can always confirm your submission status by contacting our support team.


To gain quicker and better understanding of how you use our products, we do ask that all users record a short screencast that demonstrates how your app will use Concrete Social API. We recommend that you use dedicated screencast software in order to capture your screencast. Avoid using a mobile device's camera to record the screen of another device that shows your app flow.