10 Popular Social APIs For Your App.

Written by Chris Bovan

Any developer looking to build an app is always on a look out for preexisting solutions to complex problems. In this article we explore some awesome APIs that you can easily plugin in to your application.

Popular Social APIs

Concrete Social

The Concrete Social service allows users to connect Instagram Business Profiles. It is a direct image and video Instagram Content Publishing API that utilizes the official Facebook Instagram API.

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Speakap API

Speakap provides a social platform that helps businesses create an internal community. The Speakap API enables you with the ability to socialize your application and minimize switching between software by fully integrating your application into Speakap. It allows you to integrate existing software within your organization and provides access to your data and associated software to; Create Alerts, Create Messages, Retrieve Groups Collections and more. This includes resources for Alert, Group, Message, Network and User. This API is mostly Rest compliant and supports responses in JSON and HAL. Some features may be used for work schedule integrations, leave requests, E-learning and workforce management.

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This API allows you to Generate QR Code images for text, url, email, business cards and more. It is a complete REST based API to generate or read QR codes that enables you to decode QR Code images with its contents. The Fungenerators API provides access to a full set of generators that is available at fungenerators.com.

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Nexmo Messages API

The Nexmo Messages API allows you to send and receive messages over the following communications channels: SMS/MMS, Facebook Messenger, Viber and WhatsApp. It integrates with SMS, MMS, and popular social chat applications to communicate with customers on channels they use most. To deliver a more engaging user experience, the API supports native app features and multimedia messaging including; video, audio, and geo-location. Nexmo empowers brands with the ability to reinvent customer engagement and experiences using cloud communications APIs.

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Pictura API

The Pictura API is a dynamic meta image generator. When a website link is shared across social media platforms - such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Slack - Pictura ensures that a high quality dynamically generated image is always shown. This API also collects data and provides reports about social media sharing activity, including total shares, total reach, sharing time patterns, etc.

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StickerPop API

The StickerPop API includes; Search and Sticker that is a standard RESTful API that conforms to the JSON API standard. The API provides access to a library of GIF or static designs and enables users to find a sticker and discover new favorites. Authentication is required for all endpoints and is provided in the form of either a client token or a user token. StickerPop provides access to secret stickers for texting and Snapchat.

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Chatler.ai Chat API

The Chatler.ai Chat API is a platform meant to assist chat agents with AI powered response recommendations in order to increase productivity. This REST API returns JSON formatted messages, recommendations, and topic searches. Chatler.ai allows users to save frequent replies for easier management of brand pages, and offers a free basic starter plan.

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Gfycat API

The Gfycat API returns GIF data to get, create, update, share, and react to current animations. Developers can authenticate with OAuth2, request over secure HTTPS, and receive JSON responses. Developers can access methods for creating and managing GIFs, as well as transparent stickers. There are available SDKs for web, Android, and iOS. Gfycat is an animated GIF creation and sharing platform.

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Plant Image Analysis API

The Plant Image Analysis API data can be accessed using a GET request that is constructed from a custom URL. The results are returned as a JSON file and may include data for Roots, Leaves, Measurements and more. The Plant Image Analysis Database provides a way to reference plant image analysis software and plant image datasets.

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Sound Metrics API

Sound Metrics is a provider of underwater acoustic technology with imaging sonars such as the ARIS Explorer. Sonar imaging has applications in evidence recovery (law enforcement), pipeline inspection, construction, military, and fish surveying. This API is accessible by using C# or F# calls; SDKs are provided by Sound Metrics.

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