How to Schedule Instagram Posts

Written by Melissa Evans

Consistency is key to nailing your Instagram strategy. And an Instagram scheduler is your best tool for making that happen.

With one billion monthly active users and 15 million business profiles, it’s not easy to rise above the noise. Instagram no longer shows posts in reverse-chronological order, but uses an algorithm that rewards posts that get lots of engagement.

Schedule Instagram Posts

Whatever your business goals—more followers, more leads, brand awareness—you’re aiming to become a welcome, if not outright beloved, part of your audience’s daily life. Ambitious, right?

Benefits of scheduling Instagram posts

  1. Use your time wisely

    The optimal time to post to reach your audience isn’t always the most convenient time for you.

    Scheduling ahead of time will save you spending your Saturday morning dredging up a half-baked post. Instead, you can block off a few fresh hours to craft your week’s narrative, create and schedule the posts, and turn your attention to the next task.

  2. Cultivate a consistent look and feel

    Crafting several posts at once makes for a unified aesthetic and voice.

    Consistent colour palettes, hashtags, and captions are important: 60 percent of brands use the same filter on their Instagram posts, according to a Webdam report. Why? Because colour affects emotion, which affects behaviour.

    What do you want people to feel when they see your brand? What tone are you hitting with your captions? Are you achieving an emotional ping with every post?

    An Instagram scheduler allows for a bird’s eye view of your creative planning.

  3. Upload visuals from your desktop or laptop

    Yes, as social media managers we’re often glued to our smartphones, but there are advantages to creating posts on the big(ger) screen.

    Avoid the extra step of emailing yourself that huge video file, or that photoshopped image fresh from the design team. Whether you’re managing one account or twenty, save yourself a file management headache.

  4. Encourage engagement

    A successful Instagram feed is like a compelling story that never ends.

    Build flow and relevance for your followers by thinking medium- and long-range, without sacrificing daily quality. New research by Union Metrics confirms that engagement doesn’t dip with increased posting. In fact, posting more frequently may be the only way to ensure followers see your posts, given time zones and the mysteries of the algorithm.

    Post more, but always follow the golden rule: all killer, no filler.

  5. Gain followers

    Brands that post seven times or more a week increase both engagement and follower counts, according to this study. They also noted that follower counts increase four times as fast when brands post once a day rather than once a week. Attracting new followers takes thought and work, and scheduling posts helps with the work so you can focus on the thought.