What are your API options if you need to integrate direct Instagram publishing into your app?

Written by Chris Bovan

If you are looking to integrate direct Instagram Publishing into your app, you are presented with a few possible options. In this article, we will discuss how to get your app up and running with direct Instagram publishing.

Instagam Content Publishing Approved Application

Facebook and Instagram API

As you being considering how to implement direct posting to Instagram you will most likely end up finding 2 sets of APIs:

You will quickly notice that Instagram API looks strangely out of date and you won’t find any indication there that it supports direct publishing. You are 100% correct. They do not. Moreover, Instagram API is going to be completely gone by 2020. So this is not where you want to be.

As you start looking at Facebook Instagram API - you will quickly get super excited. They do offer quite a bit and, most importantly, they seem to offer direct Instagram publishing.

As exciting as this, you will quickly find a small note at the top of the page that reads:

The Content Publishing API is in closed beta with Facebook Marketing Partners and Instagram Partners only. We are not accepting new applicants at this time.

Ouch! How difficult is it to become a partner? From what we know - nearly impossible, but you are free to review the process here: https://www.facebook.com/business/marketing-partners/become-a-partner

3rd Party API

Are there 3rd party apps that have Instagram direct publishing access and offer it as an API? Luckily the answer is YES

Here you will find 2 types of 3rd party apps:

The difference between these 2 types of API is how seamless your integration will work. If you go with Hootsuite and Buffer, you will need to find a way for your users to have accounts on those platforms. Not only is this super inconvenient, but this may also be detrimental to your business. What if you are competing with Hootsuite and Buffer?

Using Concrete Social allows you to have a fully integrated experience. Please take a look at our quick start guide to just how simple it is to integrate it.

Try it for free!

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