Troubleshooting and connecting Instagram Business Profiles

Written by Chris Bovan

Instagram Business Profile is a simple link between your Instagram Profile and Facebook Page. This connection is very delicate and can frequently break. In this article we review possible causes of this and offer a way to re-establishing the linkage.

Instagram Business Profile

It is important to provide some context to this issue before discussing causes and solutions.

For years, Instagram has offered its own API which had plenty of very useful features such as pulling profile data, media of a profile, followers, etc. The one feature it never offered was the ability to publish content. We can only speculate why that was. Perhaps it was because they wanted to maintain the ecosystem free of content that was true photography. It is also likely that the sheer complexity of building out publishing was not something they wanted to focus on.

Facebook eventually decided to implement publishing for Instagram but since Facebook isn’t really Instagram - they needed a way to link Instagram and Facebook. This is how the notion of Instagram Business came into existence. By linking your Instagram personal profile to your Facebook page you were creating Instagram Business Profile.

If you have ever developed apps for Facebook you know the pain of having pages disconnect from personal profiles. This is when the access tokens you have become invalid and you have to ask users to reconnect them. Well, given the link between Facebook page and Instagram profile, the same exact issue may happen with this link. It may simply become invalid.

Possible disconnect reason

  • Page owning or admin user is no longer an admin.
  • Instagram profile was accidentally double converted to business by another user with a login.
  • Page admin accidentally disconnected Instagram by going to Facebook page’s setting and disconnected it there.

Fixing this issue

  • Verify that user who connected this profile is still an admin
  • If they are an admin, you will need to ask that user to login to their Instagram app, convert it back to personal and then re-convert it to business. It is important to make sure that the user is selecting a correct facebook page

This article is going to continue to evolve as we gather more information on what can be causing this issue and find more workarounds!

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